Our Substance

Good beginnings are always the
result of the first bold step...

In 1957, when our founder Shri Praful Contractor decided to pursue his MBA (Marketing) at the USA, his ambitions were nothing less than an audacious pursuit of excellence. Post two years he emerged as a distinguished and enterprising graduate student of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

He returned to India and within a short time joined hands with like-minded people to launch a trading organization to market chemicals for Textiles and Agriculture sourced from reputed Indian Multinational Companies.

A decade later he launched his own firm Remik Trading Corporation, a family owned company built on the pillars of Values, Trust, Business Ethics and Long-Lasting Relationships.

Under his leadership, Remik grew exponentially and established its presence in 8 states of India. His sharp business acumen, foresight and networking abilities were vital in earning the trust and business of elite companies of India that have become our strong roots and helped us create a sound footing in the industry. He also went on to establish 2 manufacturing units for chemical intermediates.

Today Remik is a strong people-driven organization, as passionate about work as its founder. When a management team runs an organization with the same competence, effectiveness and values of its founder, even in his absence, it speaks volumes about the inbuilt ethos.

Remik continues to function efficiently today under the leadership of Mr. Chanakya Contractor and his able team.


(Pouring Hard Work)

Remik Group began as a small by passionate & dedicated team. With clear vision, accurate planning and immaculate execution process, we launched our operations. With unending enthusiasm, Remik started locating, identifying, assessing and visiting the customers of our products.



(Implanting Dreams)

To carve its mark as a legendary in the business of industrial intermediates for its principals and customers providing prompt connectivity anywhere. To enhance the scope of business through leveraging of its resources by partnering with suppliers and customers.



(Savouring Success)

Today, Remik stands tall with more than 10 associates, with the turnover crossing Rs. 370 Crores in the year 2017-18 has proved Remik’s supremacy in this segment. Remik is growing steadily. New business development cell is active full time, and is constantly bringing in new opportunities.